What if I need to cancel my childs enrollment or withdraw from a program?

You may cancel your enrollment or withdraw anytime, however, we require at least a 2 week notice of cancellation in order to avoid a $42 cancellation fee. All cancellation requests should be directed to

Are your teachers certified?

Yes, all teachers are certified. All of our teachers have experience working with young children. We conduct background checks on all of our teachers. Our teachers go through a Computer Bryte Kids training and certification process and must pass a certification test in order to be certified teachers of Computer Bryte Kids classes.

What are the curriculum skills of Computer Bryte Kids Computer Classes?

Technology skills include: Mouse, Keyboard, Files, Menus, Internet, Networks, Satellites, Video Conferencing, Cell Phones, Email, Texting, Digital Cameras, Blue Tooth, Hot Spots, Wireless Communications. Academic Skills include: Early literacy, where the missions and the aligned software are designed to foster reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills and beginning math concepts are also developed as children encounter counting, patterns, shapes, and sequencing. Critical thinking and problem solving skills are built into the missions. Earth science is introduced through the 14 original places in the virtual world which are based off of real world locations. Life skills are incorporated as the classes are designed to make every child feel successful through their own accomplishments. Children are taught to think creatively and communicate their ideas using technology. These skills will carry over into their lives and positively impact their performance in other areas including school or even their future careers.

Does my child have to know all the letters of the alphabet before enrolling?

No, the Computer Bryte Kids classes enhance all aspects of early literacy skills – early reading, writing, speaking and listening. Letter recognition and sight words are something we teach as part of early reading skills.

How do I know if my child is ready?

Children who can easily follow a one-step simple direction can take our classes.

How does Computer Bryte Kids teach mouse and computer navigation?

Most children come in with basic mouse skills, but if not, then they typically gain the fine motor control and skill within the first 3 classes. The first stage of mouse skills is to understand cause and effect; children learn that when they move the mouse, something happens on the monitor. Then they learn to click on a target, as well as, click and drag. The software advances to the children’s skill level as they solve their mission. All aspects of computer basics are integrated in the curriculum. Children learn how to open and close programs, trouble-shoot problems (which would be a part of their daily mission) and navigate through the computer with confidence!

How will it reach my child’s ability level?

The software identifies where your child is at both academically and technically, and then scaffolds/adjusts to that level. No matter what level your child comes in at, we will move him/her individually ahead at his/her own pace. Each child in the class moves ahead at their own level.

What new things are you doing this year?

Every session has a brand new lesson and curriculum with exciting new learning adventures and software over a period of 3 years. Children who have taken classes for more than 3 years, will reinforce and master old skills while learning new skills. All of our software is custom-built for each new lesson.

How specifically, are Literacy Skills incorporated?

Throughout the entire class, children are immersed into the literacy by turning into the main character of each lesson’s storyline, cleverly disguised as their detective mission! All aspects of literacy, from language development and communications, to early reading and writing, to listening skills are integrated throughout the curriculum. Listening comprehension is a skill that is required for young learners to develop. During most of their education, they will need to listen, comprehend and then apply. Each class, children will develop listening skills and apply what they are learning in the software. The listening comprehension questions the children respond to during the video voicemail carries over to reading comprehension. First stage of reading is identifying letters (keyboarding- listen to name of the letter, see it on the monitor, discriminate and find it on the keyboard). Children then realize that blocks of letters form words. Throughout the video voicemail and in the software, sight words and simple sentences are incorporated. Reading and writing go hand and hand. The same skills required for reading comprehension are the same skills the child needs for writing. First stage of writing is through icons or pictures. Young children tell stories through pictures. In the software, children always create a picture. When children can describe the picture they are creating, this is the precursor for writing and reading.

How will I know what my child is learning each class?

Each class there is focus on an individual computer concept of the day. Also, the Computer Bryte Kids software activities always target the core curriculum of mouse, keyboard, literacy, and creative expression. Children introduce, reinforce, and master (I-R-M) skills as thy move at their own pace.

How long can my child take Computer Bryte Kids?

The Computer Bryte Kids program is geared for children ages two and a half to seven years of age. There is always something new for a child to learn. There are 3 full years of new curriculum.

Can I enroll my 3 and 5 year-old in the same class?

Our software identifies each child's progress, both academically and technically, and then adjusts to each child's level. Therefore, every child in the class will move at their own level. They will be accomplishing simliar tasks at their own pace and level, so each child experiences success.

Can I enroll my child mid-session? Will my child be behind?

We offer open enrollment for all of our classes throughout the year for new students at a prorated rate. Each lesson is a stand alone lesson, so children can join at anytime. Whatever level the children come in, we move them ahead from there.

How long do the classes run?

Classes offered at your child’s school September through May each year, with a total of 32 weeks of lessons. Classes are ongoing – You may REGISTER at any time throughout the school year. Classes are held one day per week for 30 minutes.

Summer Camps held at various locations June and July each year. Times and locations vary.

What is the cost of the classes?

Tuition costs are per month at $42 - Per 8 Week Session $79.80 - Per 16 Week Session $159.60 - Full Year Payment $294.00. You may choose to pay with any of these options. Automatic payments are accepted for all options except full year.

What if my child misses a class?

Make-up classes are based on availability; however, they are not guaranteed.